Identify and undertake concrete measures to increase the literacy and numeracy achievement levels of Indigenous students at all levels of the K-12 education system, including the early years.

Ministry of Education and Child Care



How far along
is this work?


How complicated
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The Ministry of Education and Child Care (ECC) releases the Aboriginal Report: How Are We Doing? annually. This year, superintendents received letters with district-level reports that also highlighted the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA) as a key indicator for literacy and numeracy. School districts are required to report FSA results through the Framework for Enhancing Student Learning, and ECC acknowledges the importance of mechanisms such as the FSA to maintain accountability in school districts for improving outcomes for Indigenous students throughout the province. ECC will continue to collaborate and support school districts to include reconciliation and restorative practices in their strategic planning and collaborate with Indigenous Peoples through the process.


  • Implementation project underway: Letters sent to all school districts regarding student outcomes, including FSA participation.

How are we working together?

Engagement with the First Nations Education Steering Committee and M├ętis Nation British Columbia is required to address the broader scope of this action.

Are there challenges?

The student outcomes published in the annual Aboriginal Report: How Are We Doing? demonstrate that there are persistent gaps and challenges in the results for Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.