Prioritize endorsement and implementation of the Métis Justice Strategy to reduce the substantial overrepresentation of Métis Peoples in and impacted by the justice system. This includes affirming Métis self-determination, and enabling the restoration of traditional justice systems and culturally relevant institutions.

Ministry of Attorney General; Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General



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Over the past year, Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) and the Province worked collaboratively to advance the development of the Métis Justice Strategy (MJS) with the goal of having this strategy endorsed by both parties. The strategy is on a pathway to approval in 2023/24.


  • Policies/Reports developed: The final draft of the MJS has been developed and is pending endorsement.
  • Implementation plan developed: The implementation workplan for the MJS has been developed and is pending endorsement.

How are we working together?

MNBC completed consultation with Métis Chartered Communities. The Province is nearing completion of internal consultation with impacted areas to develop an implementation workplan. The Province and MNBC meet regularly to work towards seeking endorsement.

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