Co-develop an approach to deliver on the BC Tripartite Education Agreement commitment, in which the Ministry of Education and the First Nations Education Steering Committee will co-develop legislation that requires local education agreements (LEAs) with First Nations where a First Nation wants one, and that requires the application of the provincial LEA at the request of a First Nation.

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The Ministry of Education and Child Care (ECC) has engaged collaboratively with the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) to work through problems and come to a consensus on solutions to implement BC Tripartite Education Agreement (BCTEA) commitments. Consultation with Indigenous rights holders on the policy approach is currently ongoing.

Next steps are continuing work on co-development of policy and planning for potential legislative changes.


  • Strategic engagement underway: Legislation and Policy Working Group formed with FNESC and initial policy development discussions underway.

How are we working together?

ECC and FNESC have had regular meetings since April 2021 to co-develop the Local Education Agreement (LEA) approach. FNESC consulted with First Nation governments prior to the signing of BCTEA in 2018 and over the last four years to ensure First Nation direction was incorporated into a provincial LEA template. In addition to co-development with FNESC, ECC has been engaging with First Nations and Treaty First Nations on the proposed LEA policy since February 2023.

Are there challenges?

Timelines for implementation, legislative changes and ensuring that First Nations and boards of education are appropriately informed of any new policies.