Co-develop with Indigenous Peoples a new distinctions-based fiscal relationship and framework that supports the operation of Indigenous governments, whether through modern treaties, self-government agreements or advancing the right to self-government through other mechanisms. This work will include collaboration with the Government of Canada.

Ministry of Finance; Ministry of Indigenous Relations and Reconciliation



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In 2022, the Province began an intensive co-development process with First Nations, focused on the vision, principles and objectives of a new fiscal framework and co-development of options for a new forestry revenue sharing model with First Nations. Through this process, the Province received a clear message of change: a new fiscal framework must support a fundamental shift in the way governments work together and support an integrated, rights-based approach to decision-making, stewardship and benefits sharing. This is important work that will support a transition away from the short-term transactional approach of the past towards a new fiscal framework that recognizes, respects and supports Indigenous Peoples’ right to self-determination and self-government.    


  • Strategic engagement underway: New Fiscal Framework Discussion Paper sent to every First Nation in B.C.
  • Number of engagement participants in programs and events: 94 First Nations provided feedback on the Discussion Paper (in writing or at meetings).

How are we working together?

  • The New Fiscal Framework Discussion Paper released in November 2022, followed by virtual engagement session in January 2023
  • First Nations Leaders’ Gathering in November 2022
  • Provincial Forestry Forum in November 2022
  • Provincewide engagement Fall 2022/Winter 2023

A key focus of the engagement process has been on government-to-government engagement at tables where the Province has made commitments around co-developing a new fiscal framework or new revenue sharing arrangements.

The Ministry of Finance consulted with Modern Treaty Nations on the Budget 2023 measures for treaty property taxation.

Are there challenges?

Given the scale of the work, the commitment to co-develop a new fiscal framework with Indigenous Peoples poses risks from a project management and capacity perspective, for both the Province and First Nations’ governments and organizations. The Province will need to offer a range of consultation and co-operation opportunities during the full five-year span of the Action Plan to ensure it can engage comprehensively with Indigenous Peoples in a way that reflects their diverse interests, needs and priorities.